Premium New York Event Security

While Los Angeles may be famous for warm winters and sunshine, New York is known around the world as one of the biggest party cities anywhere. On any given night, there are dozens of major events going on, many of which are attended by A-List celebrities, politicians and diplomats. At every one of these events, there are highly trained New York event security personnel ensuring that everything goes as planned. If you are thinking about throwing your very own New York City event, you'll be responsible for hiring your own security, so go with the biggest and best name in the tri-state area, VIP International. They have a long list of satisfied clients that continue to use their services on a regular basis, and that is performance you can trust.

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Reliable New York Bodyguard Service

Along with providing the best in New York event security, VIP International al4so provides top level bodyguard services for celebrities, diplomats, politicians or anyone who requests it. You don't have to be Robert Di Niro or the chancellor of Germany to need a New York bodyguard service to look out for you. Professional bodyguards cost much less than you think and they can provide as much or as little protection as you request during your time in New York. For the best rates and the best protection, contact the reliable New York bodyguard service celebrities use: VIP International.

New York City Protection Service

It only takes a simple phone call to set up the New York City protection service that you need. They can meet you anywhere in the city and begin protecting you in a matter of minutes. You don't have to feel vulnerable when visiting New York; simply call the New York City protection service experts at VIP International today.

If you have any questions about our licensed security, in New York, please give us a call.