Licensed Security In New York

There is no place in the world quite like New York City, and although the most crime the average person will come across here is an encounter with a pickpocket, it always helps to have security when you need it. The New York metropolitan area has dozens of security companies, but only one that provides unparalleled licensed security in New York, regardless of whether you are the hottest celebrity in the country or you simply want someone watching your back.

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The right licensed security in New York will shadow you as you enjoy the world's greatest city without getting in your way or interfering in your enjoyment. If you are considering hiring a security detail while visiting the Big Apple, contact VIP International today to learn about all of their available services and competitive rates. You don't want to trust your safety and security to just anyone, so go with the leading security firm in the state.

Gated Community Security In the New York Area

If you are looking for a lot more than simply one on one security, the dedicated team at VIP International can provide security for your event or even for your entire gated community. They already provide gated community security in the New York area for several elite properties, and they can be there for your community today. The right gated community security takes care of the perimeter as well as the obvious entrances and exits and ensures the safety of everyone living there. Gated community security is a big responsibility and not one you want to entrust with a lesser security company that may not be up to the task. When you need gated community security in the New York area that you can rely on each and every night to be there when you need them, look to VIP International.